Concierge Kiosk (Hospitality)

Welcome to the Pegasus Hotel, located in the heart of London. Get hotel information, a list of local attractions, transportation maps and more.
This sample experience includes IntuiFace features such as
live time, date and weather information
  • searchable maps using geocoding
  • Excel-based guestbook
  • high definition graphics with interactive media
  • international keyboard

Trade Show Kiosk

This interactive experience acts as an information kiosk for the
fictitious FoodCon trade show. In it you can scan the latest show and vendor
news, search an exhibitor list, explore the Exhibit Hall map and vote for your
favorite vendors. Ample use is made of the Excel interface asset plus creative
use of Toggle Buttons to show display the name of selected items.

Task Board

A Kanban-style interactive task management tool perfect for group meetings. Create tasks, assigning owners and status. Freely move them around the board, drawing on-screen as necessary. Take snapshots that can then be emailed or shared via QR code. Under the covers is an Excel spreadsheet, making it easy to maintain and personalize.

Restaurant Menu

Browse the interactive menu of a sushi restaurant. This experience captures the restaurant’s ambience and compliments menu items with high defintion graphics.

Company Presentation

Want to stand out in the crowd at a trade show, in your waiting room or face-to-face with a new prospect?

Use interactive content to tell your company’s story in a unique and engaging way – no coding required!

This sample experience introduces a fictitious digital design agency, Digital Branding

See Documentation for this sample here

Steel Frames Collection

To show how easy it is to create amazing interactive content with IntuiFace, we filmed the creation of this photo gallery, the “Steel Frames Collection”. You can find the time lapse version of “The Magic of IntuiFace” video on the right, the real-time version here.
We knew some of you would want to get your hands on the gallery so here it is. Feel free to take it apart, borrow from it, etc.

Note how the first two gallery scenes use static images while the third gallery scene pulls content from a spreadsheet and an external folder.